23 of Thulhijja 1438 A.H./September 14th 2017No.: 696

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Thanks and praise are due to Allah who sent us a messenger to teach us Allah’s orders, to purify ourselves, to teach us the holy book and to get us out of darkness to the light.

Peace and blessings are upon the master of the two worlds the Messenger Muhammad and his family, and the permanent curse is upon their enemies till the day of Reckoning.

Allah says: “there are men – among the believers- who are honest when they promise Allah. Some of them died and others are waiting. They have not changed at all.” Allah is the highest and truthful.

People are helpless to count Allah’s grace and more helpless to thank Allah. Among the outstanding grace is the Messenger Muhammad (PBUH). Allah says: “Allah granted believers when He sent a messenger among them to teach them Allah’s teachings and orders and to purify them as they were in an evident misguidance.” Allah sent them a messenger who has the mercy of Allah which filled humanity with knowledge, wisdom, and affection. He presented advice and taught people and bear all trouble that no man can bear. When he did his duty, he preferred to finally meet his God to continue his life. However, he did not leave the nation without a leader, he crowned a successor after him: Imam Ali (PBUH) and the Imams of his sons. When the nation was corrupted by the wicked ones which prevented from caring for Imam Ali and his sons (PBUH) by sons of liver-eaters. Then, Islam was taken from Imam Hussein and started to deviate and shake. Imam Hussein (PBUH) confronted the tyrants who are trying their best to destroy Islam that he (PBUH) loved to be a martyr for the sake of Islam. He never hesitated to sacrifice with all world grace even his grandfather’s (Muhammad) home place: Al-Madinah, and then he reluctantly left Mecca too. He determined to leave Mecca and camp in Karbala to water with his blood and his sons’ and supporters the tree of Islam.

All his tradition, sayings, moves and everything he did are representations of his grandfather’s life Muhammad (PBUH&HF). He did his duty at the best level that the tree of Islam remained flourished till this day and it will continue to guide nations.

His honest rise was a clear evident to the hidden issues to nations such as the deviation and the oppression of the rulers. He proved that he is the right which does not surrender to falsehood. In his stance, he refuted all the lies saying that his father Imam Ali (PBUH) surrendered or accepted the tyranny of the rulers at his time, and Imam Hassan too. He stated that when he told the ruler of Al-Madinah “Yazid is a corrupt, alcoholic, murderer and openly fornicator. Thus, someone like me does not pledge allegiance for him.” Therefore, Imam Hussein (PBUH) exposed all the lies and deviation of the hypocrites such as the judges of the injustice and the flies of darkness who gave the fatwas of killing Imam Hussein (PBUH). 

We have to commemorate this mortal rise with all its features as it is known that the best ways to revival of Imam Hussein (PBUH). This can be done through mixing Husseini rituals with emotions as our Imams (PBUH) ordered us to do. Thus, these rituals should continue in all its sublime implications which are far away from surrender and obeying the one who call for preventing, deviating, or keeping away from the Husseini rituals and the right path.

All should know that Husseini rituals represent our true broken hearts, our tears, and our blood in arteries. These rituals will continue till the one who will revenge for Imam Hussein (PBUH) reappears to take the revolution and to revive it once again.

Here, we should pay attention to our core duties toward the world and the homeland. Husseini speakers are caretakers, protectors and responsible for these duties as Allah honored them for such great work. They bear heroism icons in doing what they do.

The first duty: there are some individuals who practice malignant way to keep our new generation away from Husseini issues. The Husseini speakers should confront them and refute all the suspicions in this regard.

The second duty: the rituals should only have what the religion calls for such as prayer, avoiding the prohibitions, drawing people’s attention to Hawza in holy Najaf for guidance and instructions.

The third duty: the Husseini Speakers should keep in mind that guiding people through behavior is better than the words and speeches. Each speaker should use the best conduct and behavior before the using word to call for the religion. Each believer is required of monotheism and all principles of Islam before death, and Imam Hussein (PBUH) was calling for the religion of his grandfather when he was receiving the arrows and swords that cut him.  Hussein (PBUH) and his sons with the holy Quran remain the light house of guidance.

The fourth duty: the Husseini Speakers should try their best to bring the young people together for the religion through the notable figures of the areas, for people follow their leaders and notable figures in an instinct way. They should urge officials in the government to use wisdom and good actions to serve people.

The fifth duty: all of us should visit and check the families of martyrs and wounded in all means possible. No one of us should feel full and there is a family of a martyrs or an orphan in Iraq hungry or needy. If we have the honor of serving these families means that they have the great gratitude on us for they set their chests as shields for the tomb of Imam Hussein (PBUH) and for his revolution of the true Muhammadi Islam. We all should serve them as they pave the way for the state of Imam Mahdi (may Allah hasten his reappearance) which will be centered in Iraq.

O Allah, hasten his reappearance, give him victory so that Islam is back flourished as you and your loyal ones want.