Al- Marjia’s Fatwa right, decisive time

director of his eminence office to Associated Press

Al- Marjia’s Fatwa right, decisive time


*90%  of enlisted soldiers respond to the fatwa

Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy, director of His Eminence office, stated to Associated Press News Agency that the Iraqi victory is due to the Fatwa which was issued by the Marjia at the right, decisive time.

Al-Najafy stated that Hashid Al-Shabi (Popular Mobilization) is Iraqi forces which have no external or regional affiliation; their mere objective is to defend Iraqis people and land, indicating that 90% of the personnel responded to the Marjia fatwa.

In regards to coming elections, Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy said that the Iraqi law has the power to prevent military institutions from elections, meaning that they intend to separate military institutions from political ones, a matter which standardizes the role of military leaders to preserve the homeland and to let the political resolutions for the democracy.

Sheik Ali Al-Najafy added that each state has a particular vision in the way they see it beneficial as the U.S. congress that demand some specifications of the candidate for the ministry of defense.