The biggest problem of Iraq is that politicians are moving away from the rights of the people


The biggest problem of Iraq is that politicians are moving away from the rights of the people


* The force that has confronted ISIS must preserve its strength, morale, and ideology.

* The parties that tried to break Iraq will not leave it in, but came to hit the moral and moral state and social situation.

Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy, representative of His Eminence (may Allah prolong his life), and his office director, stressed that the great problem of Iraq is the departure of politicians from the rights of the people, while revealing the presence of parties trying to strike the presence of "Religious Authorities"  from the inside.

He said in a statement to the media: "The fatwa issued by the Islamic Jihad proved that the Iraqi people have values and principles that have been mixed with them and through this mixing they managed to achieve this great victory."

He added: "We want to maintain victory and adhere to our principles, and what is happening today that the parties that tried to break Iraq will not leave it, but came to hit the religious moral and social situation as it tries to strike the presence of the Religious Authorities from within through the introduction of concepts far from the ground and the people that we need To stick with us today. "

Sheikh Ali Najafy said, "What the religious authority has provided is a big thing and Iraq is in dire need, especially the politicians have to take this force to launch it." He pointed out that there are signs, and we expect to have a clear will to care for the interests of Iraq first.

He said that Iraq's biggest problem is the withdrawal of many politicians and political forces from the well-being of its people and security, and go to narrow personal interests, and that they should make this victory a great opportunity for them after Iraq was almost irreversible, and everyone to take responsibility, and defense to lift the suffering of the people and the sectarian and political conflict. "

Najafy said: "There is still a lot. It must be taken realistically; to achieve the aspirations of the people, and hope remains in the fight against corruption, and wait for real positions to win the street and the performance of his service and right."

"The armed forces are supposed to be in the hands of the state, and the force that has come up with an advocate must preserve its strength, morale and ideology, and the march to firmly establish national faith in the military and police sectors is essential.