Sheik Ali Al-Najafy, director of His Eminence office, participated in the event which was held in the Grand Fatimi Husseinia in the Holy Najaf and stated that the contemporary woman duty is to be inspired by Lady Fatima (PBUH) to search perfection, the core issue in the message of the office of His Eminence (may Allah prolong his life).

Al-Najafy stated that the woman’s role is more than half of the society as she is responsible for raising children and prepare them to be active individuals in society.

Message of the Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Basheer Hussein Al-Najafy on the Birthday Anniversary of Lady Fatima (PBUH) to Gathering in Grand Fatimi Husseinia

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Thanks and praise are due to Allah who revealed the Holy Quran, peace and blessings are upon Muhammad and his family and the permanent curse on all their enemies.

Allah says: “The Book has been sent down to you; so let your chest have no constriction because of it, in order to warn thereby and as a reminder to the believers.”.

Allah (the exalted) specifies the meaning of faith for us and characterizes the believers in order for us to know our faith value. The verse that we have just recited conveys such implications. Different examples of true faith holders are presented to us to find Allah through them, to learn what we should do, how we should behave and how we should deal with Allah. Allah makes the leaders who are the prophet Muhammad and the infallible Imams from his family (PBUH).

Allah also created a role model for women so that all the daughters of eve can follow her in daily life. The women are such as Mary and Fatima (PBUH) so that the women can be inspired by them. Lady Zahraa (PBUH) was a complimentary model to the mission of the religion of Islam and as embodying all the religious rules issued by the holy prophet and infallible Imams are through her (PBUH) to women. Lady Zahraa (PBUH) was able to play perfectly the three roles: the daughter in her father’s house, the wife in her husband’s house and the mother who perfectly raised her children. She was a global example with the certifications of her father the greatest prophet (PBUH&HF): “Fatima is my soul”, “Fatima is a part from me” and “Fatima is like a mother to me”. All such words were not due to love or emotions; they were for the sake of promoting Islam through Fatima which has a key role among women.

She was a perfect, righteous wife that Imam Ali (PBUH) rejected to marry another wife while she was alive. She was the best mother in the world, a matter which is obvious through her two sons Imams: Hassan and Hussein (PBUH) and her daughter Lady Zainab who astonished the wisest minds and shaked the thrones of the oppressors.

Thus, all women should follow her (PBUH) tradition. Woman represents the second half of the society, or more than half in terms of bringing up children to reform society.

I pray Allah to help all to be guided with the guidance of good, righteous people in order for us to happily win the closeness to Allah and the infallible Imams’ (PBUH) intercession.