*. The legal, humanitarian, ethical and societal duty obligates each individual to abide by all regulations, instructions and decisions issued by the concerned authorities.

*.The religious authority in Najaf appraises the great efforts and sacrifices made by the medical staff.

*. The health and security personnel stationed are like the Mujahideen and are no less important than the heroes stationed in the battlefields.

The representative of His Eminence (may Allah prolong his life), and the director of his office, His Eminence Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy (may Allah support him) stated to press that in such difficult circumstances we must return to Allah (Almighty) as our distance from the circle of divine contentment is only a reason for the appearance of this virus, which cannot be seen with the naked eye and lives on Man.

Al-Najafy affirmed that Allah (Almighty) sent the prophets to man throughout the history of his presence on the earth to warn Man of the truth and falsehood, and not to commit sins, mistakes, but adherence to Allah’s orders, because it is the only way to achieve stability and happiness for Man, indicating that this virus has broken the tyranny of many tyrants and despotic regimes, and stopped economic, the political life, making it impotent in front of him and in real paralysis in all fields and in the middle of major material losses estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars, as a matter of indicating the need to pay attention to this divine message and stand to hold mankind accountable for everything that has happened towards the other; and peoples towards other peoples and to declare repentance to Allah (the Almighty) so that we will be included in the mercy of Allah Almighty from the sins of which committed.

Al-Najafy expressed that our legal and societal duty is to deal with this virus with all caution and carefulness and adhere to what the health and professional cadres say to the professionals to avoid problems as it happens in some countries, so follow the global figures and statistics and the increase in the indicators of injury and deaths that occurred in the countries of the world requires a legitimate, moral and societal obligation to follow all the directions.

Sheikh Al-Najafy added in his press interview that the religious authority in Najaf praised the great efforts and great sacrifices made by medical cadres, including doctors and assistants in various specialties, and their field presence twenty four-seven, as well as security cadres present in the streets to implement the security plans established from the crisis cell, and in fact these health and security cadres These are regarded as Mujahideen and they are not inferior to the heroes stationed in the battlefields to defend the country and made sacrifices and martyrs, indicating that we must respect these cadres and abide by the instructions and laws As regards the curfew until the demise of the danger of this virus for the Iraqi people.

Al-Najafy also stressed again that the legal, humanitarian, moral and societal duty obliges everyone to abide by all the regulations, instructions and decisions issued by the responsible authorities and not to cause the spread of this epidemic more widely among people.