Relief continues to support needy families

His Eminence office in Babylon

Relief continues to support needy families


The delegation of the office of His Eminence (may Allah prolong his life) continues in Babylon Governorate, Al-Mahawil District, in relief work to support families in need of humanitarian assistance, in light of the increasing need for such aid.

Sheikh Falah Al-Zaidi said: "The situation in general requires additional efforts to support these families who need financial and food aid on an ongoing basis because of the health and exceptional measures we are going through that require a significant increase in humanitarian work."

He added that the delegation is doing its best in this regard and we hope, Inshallah, to continue these blessed efforts to serve all of these honorable families.

Al-Zaidi appreciated the efforts of all workers in the voluntary efforts and the work they provide that had an effective impact on achieving the social (collaborating campaign) launched by the responsible authority in Najaf