His Eminence Office Performs Sanitizing Campaigns

His Eminence Office Performs Sanitizing Campaigns


The Center of guidance for lost people continues its humanitarian campaigns and voluntary initiatives to support and care for the people of this country, as it recently provided its assistance in light of the circumstance that affected the country’s people from the outbreak of the Corona Virus.

The center initiated campaigns for sanitizing several areas in Najaf province; this comes under the guidance of His Eminence Ali Al-Najafy, representative of His Eminence, the grand religious authority Sheikh Bashir Hussein Al-Najafy (may Allah prolong his life) to limit the spread of the Corona pandemic.

Deputy of the Center, Haj Husam Muhuldeen explained that the center sponsored all the process of sanitizing which was done in coordination and cooperation of Al-Imam Ali Squad and the civil security.

The campaign included sanitizing the houses of the infected people in several areas in addition to governmental offices such as National ID office. Moreover, the deputy stated that they would open an association only for collecting blood plasma, medicine and supplying oxygen for free for the Covid patients. 

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