His Eminence Office in Diwanya visits Hawza Students

His Eminence Office in Diwanya visits Hawza Students


His Eminence’s (may Allah prolong his life) Office in Diwaniya province, Al-Muhanawiyah District, met with a number of the honorable Hawza students during a check on visit to them in the (Al-Sinya) district within the province.

"This visit came within the framework of the brother students and identifying their needs and the requirements of continuing the honorable lesson." Sayed Hassan Al-Yasiri stated.

He pointed out that the delegation had a meeting with the brothers in the school administration (the seminary), as well as a number of its dear students, as we began to hold a religious lecture.

Al-Yasiri noted the need to be armed with knowledge and to seize the opportunity of life and time to reach the highest ranks in the field of science and knowledge.

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