*  We must adhere to the Karbala School and follow its path and adhere to the Husseini pulpit, which brought out true heroes.

*  The sons of the Husseini Mawakib were able within 12 years to organize their processions to be the supporting force for the defenders of the homeland in the jihadist fatwa.

The representative of His Eminence (may Allah prolong his life) and his office manager His Eminence Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy confirmed in his speech at the memorial ceremony for the first memorial of the martyrdom of the leaders of victory [ Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis and Suleimani], which was held in the district of Al-Shamiya in the province of Diwaniyah that martyrdom and holy blood have a place and great importance in preserving religion, referring to the Holy Qur’an and the Messenger (PBUH&HF) demonstrated this position in the survival of the truth and preserving its torch and victory.

Al-Najafy added that Karbala is not far from us, and that the blood of Imam Al-Hussein (PBUH) and the martyrs of the Taff battle were what kept the original Muhammadan Islam. With holy blood, Islam remains and we build and teach generations that sacrifice is the best gain in this world and the best place in the hereafter, and the martyrs have a special status with Allah (the exalted). They are the living with their Lord, and they are the highest level of mankind.

Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy indicated that Karbala is a great school for the human being and a path for victories taken by the believers defending the truth. We must adhere to this school, follow this path, and adhere to the al-Husseini pulpit, which brought out real heroes.

His Eminence stated in his speech that the sons of the Husseini mawakib were able within twelve years to organize, develop, and train to establish the Husseini mawakib to be the supporting force for the defenders of the homeland in the fatwa of the defensive reference in 2014 AD, and these mawakib yielded strong and courageous young people who did not fear death, so they achieved victory over the most powerful terrorist forces in the world, explaining that these terrorist forces overthrew cities and overcame armies armed with the sorts of heroic leaders, and lead them. He pointed out that the world has been unable to confront these forces, but these young men gathered around the Husseini pulpit have achieved great victories and the drops of their blood were the true conquest of the great victory and the expulsion of terrorism and terrorists.

Al-Najafy stated to the media that the Islamic nation and Iraq is the spirit of Islam, and we are in particular suffering from a cultural invasion that aims to tarnish its identity and forget all the values ​​and principles for which he offered blood in the spirit of freedom and oppression, but our bet is on Karbala and the sacrifice of Imam Hussein and the path of Lady Zahra (may Allah’s prayers be upon them) which will be a renewed torch of light to illuminate our path, and it will refute all despicable attempts to empty the nation of its identity, content and civilization.

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