His Eminence welcomes a delegation of the Al-Hakim family

His Eminence welcomes a delegation of the Al-Hakim family


His Eminence (may Allah prolong his life) welcomed a delegation of the family of Al-Hakim, where the delegation expressed their thanks and appreciation to His Eminence for his condolences on the loss of the great religious authority, His Eminence, the Grand Ayatollah Sayed Muhammad Saeed Al-Hakim (may Allah be pleased with him(His Eminence (may Allah prolong his life) emphasized in his speech that the family of Al-Hakim will remain a center for knowledge and defense of religion and doctrine, and bear the responsibility towards the nation's issues, and repel the attacks of enemies.

His Eminence added that the solemn funeral of the deceased (may Allah be pleased with him) recalled the majestic funeral of Sayed Yusef Al-Hakim and the great participation of the Shiites that filled the streets and alleys in Al-Najaf while raising chants of condolences and condolences for the loss.

His Eminence indicated that Bani Hashim clan in general and the Alawites, in particular, is the largest clan in the world despite all that they have suffered from terrorism over the centuries and decades, states, governments, and regimes, and it will remain, Inshallah, the largest.

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