His Eminence welcomes Ayatollah Sayed Alawi Boroujerdi

His Eminence welcomes Ayatollah Sayed Alawi Boroujerdi


His Eminence (may Allah prolong his life) welcomed Ayatollah Sayed Alawi Boroujerdi and the delegation accompanying him.

His Eminence emphasized that the most important thing in Islam is the revival of religious rites, foremost among which are the rites of Imam Hussein (PBUH) and the martyrdom of Lady Fatima al-Zahra (PBUH) and that commemorating religious rites is a revival of religion.

The dialogue took place about the importance and status of the Hawza in general, and the importance and greatness of the Mother Seminary in Najaf, and its role over centuries.

For his part, the scholar Al-Boroujerdi stressed the importance and position of the seminary in Najaf and its great jihadi history through which the religion and its pillars were preserved by its men, great scholars, and great authorities.

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